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"Power of Winning is in Doing Great Things"

Is judging your dream but never got opportunity to do so? Judging at magnificent awards is great opportunity to share your knowledge and experience at national and international level. This is a networking opportunity and lot more than this where you can improve your skills and adopt new personality. Celebrate the success of winners with your immense industry knowledge.

Roles & Duties of a Judge

Coordination with other Judges in the same category

Listening and sharing latest ideas will be beneficial as well as interesting activity along with coordination with other judges.

Use your knowledge to take best out of participants

Whether you are judging online or face to face, you have to be at your best while judging them for fair decisions and to clarify every point.

Provide genuine score and comments to participants

Being a judge you hold a vital responsibility of sharing feedbacks with clients so that they can improve their organization.

How Judging is helpful for you?
Networking Opportunity

Meeting up with the business leaders and other judges with extensive industry experiences led you to improve your networking opportunity.

Improve your credibility

Attending an event being a judge is a great achievement which also helps you to improve your CV.

Build your personal profile

You will be featured in our website section “Interact with Judges” where you resolve your queries. You will be handed over with logo badges, digital logos for digital marketing purposes.


We need a team of highly talented and knowledgeable judges who have vigorous mix of international business expertise.

Applicants who can match up with the following criteria:
  • Have extensive knowledge of different sectors
  • Hold relevant business qualifications
  • Hold realistic judging experience
  • Considerable business experience

So if you are interested and have matched with the criteria, please send your CV to be a judge at our Awards.


If you want to be a part of our awards for judging national as well as international awards, so there is nominal fee of $1500.

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