Any individual who will participate in our award ceremony have to follow the following rules from entry to get seated in the ceremony:

Entry terms and conditions:

  • WBR Corp © Awards will recognize SMEs, startups, large organizations from different sectors which include Real Estate, Healthcare, Technology, Lifestyle, Education, Manufacturing, and Automobile etc.
  • The applicant should be the business owner or have some kind of approval of submitting an application form.
  • The winner will be honored with an award named with an award organizing company.
  • For submitting your entry, one has to complete registration form with full website details that will be used for marketing purposes on different platforms.
  • Results of judging process will remain confidential and no comments and questions will be entertained. Even no details will be shared with clients that why other companies get award or not.
  • Judges are independent to take final decisions for entrants. WBR Corp © will not be liable or accountable for any award winners decided by judging panel. All entrants must abide and accept these conditions as terms of entry.
  • The entries will start at pre-determined for all categories. Late entries will be accepted only after approval of award team. We reserve the right to change the time of entries without prior notification.
  • The organizers reserve the right to exclude any entry for any reason without explanation.
  • WBR Corp © or it sponsors, endorsers, media partners, supporters will not be responsible for any kind of thefts, damages, incorrect entries, transmission in information etc. Besides this, no one is accountable for failure of computer software, hardware or any other loss.

These term and conditions are necessary before making further booking of tables for attending an event.

Bookings and Payment

  • Bookings can be done through emails or by application forms. Payment must be made with the application form or before the event. On-time payments will not be entertained.
  • No bookings are guaranteed until you will not receive any confirmation mail from WBR Corp ©. In case there is no availability of booking, we will confirm you through email and try to refund your amount as early as possible.
  • Payments will be accepted through cheque, debit/credit cards or by virtual wallets.
  • If you wish to pay by bank transfer please use the bank account details provided by us on request. We are not responsible for any additional charges levied by bank for transactions. Once, payment is done please provide scan copy or email proof of payment confirmation with all details so as to confirm your booking.

Refunds and Changes to the Event

No refunds will be made once the payment is done for table booking. It will be judged case to case if there is any rare chance where we are refunding. No extra charges will be there for substitution case. WBR Corp © reserves the right to change the date and venue of an event without prior notification. Even there can be changes in packages as well.

No refunds will be made if you are unable to attend an event due to any reason.