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Outperformer : Mr. Sanjay D Ghodawat

Mr. Sanjay D. Ghodawat (Born on 28th Feb 1965) is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a businessman from India. He has been the brain & the back bone behind one of the biggest conglomerates in India, the Sanjay Ghodawat Group (SGG), which boasts of a plethora of industries under it. A Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Ghodawat is a Licensed, Certified & Trained Pilot for Private Helicopters & Fixed wings Airplanes. Apart from the industrial sector, Mr. Ghodawat is also responsible for establishing the Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions (SGI) & India’s youngest University, “Sanjay Ghodawat University - SGU”which, today, caters to more than 15,000 students.

Having formed the Group’s flagship Company Ghodawat Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. in 1993, the company found itself diversifying rapidly & soon its presence was felt in various high-value industries and sectors such as Floriculture & Horticulture, pan India Air Service including Helicopters & Airplanes under the brand name Star Air, Education, Consumer Products (STAR - Rice, Edible Oil, Salt, Confectionery, Atta, Pulses, Ready to cook Rice, Jaggery, Sugar, Namkeen, Hair Oil), Beverages and Juices under the brand names Fizzinga & Frustar, Tetra Pak, Real Estate, Renewable Energy and Textiles. The Group is home to more than 10,000 employees, backed by the latest and most diversified infrastructure and assets. SG Group is driven by its ambition to become ‘The Biggest, The Best & The Most Valuable’Conglomerate.

Sanjay Ghodawat comes from a business family. His grandfather Shri Khaviraji migrated from his native place in Rajasthan to Jaysingpur, a small town in Kolhapur District of Maharashtra State for business opportunities and better future. As his grandfather was a businessman, he got nurtured in a business family and business environment. His upbringing in a business family influenced him to be a businessman since his childhood. After completing his studies in Mechanical Engineering he followed his childhood dream of becoming a businessman. He had the opportunity to be an entrepreneur in an easy way by joining his family business but instead going the easy way he took the risk to be an entrepreneur and started his own business. To fulfil his desire of becoming a successful businessman he worked hard with dedication. In his early days of struggle, he travelled extensively alone with just his driver across to garner business of his FMCG products and thus it is through dint of labour that got him successful. The risk he took got him faces many failures but with every failure made his resolution more strong and grew. Thus, he kept following his strong resolution more passionately until he got succeeded.

During his beginning in business, he faced many challenges. No one accepted his products as easily as today accepted by a wide number of consumers. As he got some success some people try to influence him with their words to invest in many other ventures that proved failures. Many times he took hasty decisions, he was weak at account keeping and many times these weaknesses led him to losses. But he learned from his mistakes and improved every time until he got the results, the result he wanted.

Mr Sanjay Ghodawat has a simple mantra of success in the business world. He says, “Innovation, commitment to excel continuously, and custome r focus at each step are the key mantras to attain success.”

Balancing and maintaining the work-life together is a bit hard but Mr Ghodawat has its way of doing this. His morning starts in his private gymnasium with his trainer. He tries and makes sure that he never misses out his morning workout. During times like breakfast and dinner Mr Ghodawat, along with family members make sure that if the family members are not travelling than they all should sit together for breakfast and dinner. Besides the fact that the businesses keep him occupied, he kept an interest in his collection of cars, bikes, helicopters and also watch movies whenever he finds time.

Mr Ghodawat's one of the favourite quotes comes from an American Business Philosopher, Jim Rohn, “The goal of life should be enterprise and not ease.” Mr