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Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a process that is conducted to identify the requirements of clients in the market by using some efficient tools and techniques. This process may include some technical systems but also involves strategy planning to provide best solutions to clients. It is very important to timely analyze business performance on timely basis.

Brand Strategy

A long-term planning process which involved effective business plans that helps business to fulfill their loopholes of the organization. Understanding the basic concept of organization is the most important step in the whole process. WBR Corp holds expertise in offering such efficient brand strategies to the clients for their business or personal development.

Business Valuation

Estimating the total worth of your organization in financial terms is termed as business valuation. It is important to be aware about the business worth before planning or taking some crucial decision about any upcoming investment. WBR Corp uses advanced techniques to valuate actual worth of your business and to help you take smart decisions.

Product Positioning

Different customers have different set of mind and marketers use unique techniques to communicate with their audience in their way only. Presenting product in a way which can be easily understood by people is termed as Product Positioning. WBR Corp uses this technique as a tool to help companies gaining success in their own field.

Strategic Business Plan

Providing step-by-step guidance to organization for their development is termed as strategic business plan. These strategies work as an impactful solutions for organizations which are looking for the best and effective way to acquire a remarkable position in the market. We provides strategies & plans that can help various organizations to become a brand.

New Product Development

Bringing a new product in the market involved thorough process of research and meeting with consumer’s demand is known as new product development. WBR Corp holds expertise in offering the best new product development services in the market. This can help you to present your new product with some catchy USP and to make audience satisfied.

Brand Protection

Protecting your brand is as essential as maintaining your brand. At every step, you should keep your brand secure and private enough. No outsiders can use your goodwill to sell their products. Brand is the powerful ingredient of your organization that leads to ultimate success therefore it is the easiest vector to be attacked by your competitors in the industry.
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Copyright helps you to protect your intellectual property such as music, writing, photographs, website, paintings or any other creativity. This is an exclusive right which gives you ownership of your own production and ability to reproduce them again. Anyone who wants to use the work needs to take permission from the owner. This is very essential to protect your own hard work and to keep it exclusive before getting diluted in the market. In brief, copyright strengthens the protection of your work.

Conducting Raids

Under brand enforcement, we conduct raids to give a sudden notice to unethical use of your brand name or intellectual property. This actually helps to find out the real culprits.


A trademark is legislative protection given to a brand for particular product or service. It protects your brand name, logo or slogan. It specially helps you to protect your brand from getting diluted in the market. Startups usually use the name of big brands to gain good profits which ultimately reduce the credibility of genuine brand. Therefore, trademark is very important to make your brand legally protected. It is valid for 10 years after filing.

Brand Licensing

Brand Licensing is a well-established business in India which gives authority of granting rights to use a form of legally protected intellectual property. In return, companies collect payments in form of royalty. This is a mutual agreement between the associations of two parties in which duration, royalty and guidelines will be decided.

At WBR Corp, we provide end to end brand protection services to clients to keep their brands and products secure from the market changes. Apart from this, we offer full guidance to use these rights to get more credibility and profits in the industry. These rights actually make you secure and give confidence to focus on your brand development.

Brand Enforcement

Brands have become the real assets of any organization and even play a vital role in providing commercial value to companies. With the success and increasing competition in the market, companies find them insecure and therefore go for brand protection rights such as copyright and trademark.
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Brand Enforcement helps you in monitoring the illegal use of a trademark and copyright which is protecting brand or intellectual property.

At WBR Corp, we provide expert consultancy and solutions to protect your assets from these offline and online abuse. Our experienced and highly skilled professionals use advanced mechanisms to ensure protection against your rights.

Brand Monitoring

We provide monitoring of your brand across all digital and physical platforms to ensure no unethical usage. Apart from this, we use various tools and techniques to identify trademark violation across the nation on various channels, social media and etc.

Conducting Raids

Under brand enforcement, we conduct raids to give a sudden notice to unethical use of your brand name or intellectual property. This actually helps to find out the real culprits.


Apart from monitoring or raids, we also investigate the cases on demand. There are various unethical ways to get your brand registered with some protected name or logo. Therefore, we are here to inspect such cases and make genuine brands not to lose their earned goodwill and credibility in the market.

WBR Corp has already marked its presence in rendering these services with perfection and satisfied numerous clients. We are proud of our experienced team who have successfully delivered and completed various brand enforcement projects.

Mega Event

We are also into organizing mega events like awards ceremonies, business conferences, summits, beauty pageants, marathons and etc.
We organize these events in all across the world at such huge platforms that provides both nationwide and worldwide exposure to participated as well as winning brands.
These events are organized at huge levels in which leaders from different industries are present.

PR Agency in India

PR (Public Relations) has now become the most important ingredient of any emerging as well as established organization. Goodwill always helps you to raise your company’s credibility in different terms. There are thousands of PR Agency in India that are actively working for the brand development of companies. But finding the right one for your company is important for long-term success and results. WBR Corp has emerged as one of the reputed PR Agency in India that has successfully executed various PR campaigns to strengthen the brands in all across the nation...read more