• Who can enter the WBR Corp International Awards?

    Business with at least 3 years operation in all over India with a minimum turnover of 10 crore can enter the awards.

  • Why To Enter?

    • Free marketing
    • Expand Public Relations
    • Customer Relationships
    • Sudden boost in profit
    • Employee motivation
    • Increased credibility

  • How can I enter?

    Please email us on info@wbrcorp.org and for further details and any queries.

  • Who will be the Judges?

    The deserving and knowledgeable personalities will be there to judge the work and performance of different organizations.

  • What is the judging process?

    Judging process includes 2 or more steps depending upon the category and situation.
    STEP 1: Entrants will submit their application form with full details about their work and achievements.
    STEP 2: If those applications are successful, face to face verifications and meeting will be conducted for thorough check.

  • May I enter for dual categories?

    Yes, depending upon the products and services you are offering. There is no such limitation to restrict with one category only.

  • Is there any cost to enter?

    No, you can enter the awards without any charges but one has to pay booking amount after confirmation and full amount before ceremony to get invitation passes.